I’ve always had a love of all things beauty. From the age of 3-15 I studied ballet. Performing in The Nutcracker was incredibly thrilling. One of my favorite parts of the performing was having layers of Kryolan makeup applied to my unadulterated skin, completing my transformation to my given character. As a teen, the only errand I would enthusiastically partake in with my mother was trips to the drug store. I was captivated by the beauty aisles and the hundreds of products in various shades and finishes.

Growing up in the Bay Area also instilled in me a passion for the environment. Elementary school involved lessons on recycling and having a classroom compost bin.

Yet it was not until my college years that my passion for taking care of our environment and the love of skincare and makeup came together into a wonderful collision. It all started when by chance I picked up No More Dirty Looks. MIND BLOWN. If you have not read this book, order it now. I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t know about the beauty industry, and the lack of safety and regulation in beauty and personal care products.

That was it. I spent countless hours scouring the interwebs to try and figure out what is actually good for me, my skin, and my beloved planet. Cosmetics and personal care items can be wonderful things that help you feel confident and clean; something all women want to feel. Yet, the more research I did, the more I realized how backwards all of this is. Products that promised amazing (and often outlandish) results were actually filled with harmful ingredients. I’m not just talking about ingredients that cause a breakout. I’m talking crazy harmful to your endocrine system. Not cool. No bueno.

And now the good news! From all the reading, and digging, I have found wonderful products that are ethically made, good for you, and the planet. Not to mention I’ve discovered an amazing community of like-minded green beauty connoisseurs. I want to share all this knowledge with you, my dear internet friends.

Now, I’m not a makeup artist, and I’m certainly not a dermatologist. I am just a woman here to share what I have learned and what has worked for me. Consider me your personal guinea pig (chill, that’s just a metaphor. I don’t believe in animal testing :P) Hopefully by sharing my research, this blog will encourage you to do your own. Reject mainstream beauty, vote with your dollar. Support companies that do right by you, your morals and the planet.

Naturally yours, Mollie

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