Why go green? So happy you asked! For me “going green” started like this: As I ran out of each beauty and personal care item I would carefully read reviews online before deciding on a clean non toxic product to replace it. I had never gone through so much work just to pick out deodorant and lipstick! Seems excessive, doesn’t it?

So why go through all that work?

  1. The beauty industry is not regulated as strictly as it should be. It’s the wild wild west people. Anything goes. So many harmful ingredients, and no one to protect me. It truly made me realize I needed to be my own advocate and do my own research.
  2. The realization that natural products are still fun, glamorous, and most importantly as effective as mainstream products…in fact often times EVEN BETTER.
  3. I want to support the companies that are making an effort to limit their negative impact on the environment, and on their customers health.
  4. I seem to really get off on doing this research. Which is great news for you! Perhaps you don’t want to spend hours reading beauty forums and ingredient lists. I am happy to spend my time doing just that, and report my findings.

These are the reasons why I just can’t go back to mainstream products. This is a very quick explanation for a vast subject, so it’s something I will continually be talking about here. In the mean time here are some helpful resources to help you make the switch:

Environmental Working Group
EWG is a non profit, non partisan organization whose goal is to protect the environment and human health. They have a great tool where you can see how they rate beauty products you use, or are considering purchasing.

No More Dirty Looks
This book was the catalyst for me switching to green beauty. It is a fun easy read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about green beauty.

The No No List
A list of harmful ingredients that Beautea Bar put together. You can be sure that none of these harmful ingredients will be in any products they sell.

Think Dirty App
This makes checking your products for toxins..dare I! It allows you to scan your products and see if they contain any harmful ingredients.