Hello! It has been quite a while, hasn’t it?

But I’m back and I could not be more excited about this post. It involves Earth Day, shopping AND Holly from The Organic Journey! Best combo EVER. So happy to be back to share this post with you! It’s all about Earth Day … and I’ve teamed up with the amazing Holly from The Organic Journey to share our shopping advice.

Earth Day. One of my most favorite days of the year! What a better time to reflect on how you the money you spend impacts our lovely planet. So to help you make better choices for our dear mother earth, I have teamed up with fellow green beauty blogger, Holly, of The Organic Journey!  We have each put together a list of 5 brands to shop that give back to the world and are SUPER eco friendly. Be sure to check out her post, which you can read here. Earth day. One of my favorite days of the year! This is the time I love to reflect on how the money I spend impacts our lovely planet. So to help you make better choices that’ll positively impact mother earth, Holly (of the Organic Journey) and I have joined forces to share with you a list of 5 brands to shop that give back to our Earth and are SUPER eco friendly. Be sure to check out Holly’s post too, which you can read here!

So let’s get started:

Khahina Giving Beauty

Khahina Giving Beauty is one of the first green beauty brands I ever tried. Their Argan oil is by far the best I have experienced and I have been repurchasing it for years. The reason I keep coming back for more is that I know by supporting their brand, I am also supporting the Berber women of Southwest Morocco. These women are the ones who work so hard to extract argan oil. Khahina Giving Beauty donates 1% of their annual revenue to organizations that support these women and their families. You can read more about their philanthropy here.



Rahua hair care products are top notch, mainly due to their incorporation of the Rahua ingredient. This oil has a long history of being used as a beauty treatment by the indigenous cultures of the Amazon Rainforest. While they are based in NYC, the founders make an effort to do humanitarian work with these communities, such as educating them on successful trade practices. They are committed to maintaining the health and preservation of the Amazon.  Now if that doesn’t make washing your hair feel 10X better than I don’t know what will. Want to know more about their dedication to the Amazon? Read on here.


Preserve Razors

Preserve razors makes, you guessed it…Razors! (as well as a few other products for your home) But these are no ordinary razors. They are created from recycled plastics such as yogurt cups! I highly recommend checking out their website which has sooooo much information on their process, and on recycling in general.



Reformation is my go to fashion line. They are cheeky, witty, and most importantly super stylish. It’s a dangerous time for my wallet any time I venture onto their website. They offer some serious guilt free shopping when you consider that at the core of everything they do is a commitment to sustainability. Here’s a few ways they make that happen: 1. Their factories are designed to minimize their waste, water and energy. 2. When you are done with your Ref clothes, you can send them back to have them recycled. 3 They use recycled hangers (WHAT? Who knew that was even a thing?) I could go on and on. If you can think of a sustainable practice, they are doing it. 



Reusable period panties. I know it doesn’t sound THAT sexy. But trust me it is. And you know what is super sexy? Saving the planet! THINX has created underwear that catches your period without the need of a tampon or pad. Reusable products are so chic, don’t you agree? Not only are using these good for the environment, but they are also helping women in need. For every pair of underwear sold, THINX then send funds to their partner AFRIpads.  AFRIpads helps young women in Uganda by hiring and teaching them to sew and sell washable reusable cloth pads, in turn allowing these women to become local entrepreneurs. Say it with me now, “cooooool”

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So that is the Earth Day round up. I hope you discovered some new brands to shop, let me know in the comments if you have heard of any of these companies and how you celebrated Earth Day!