Month: August 2016

Indie Beauty Expo: 3 Brands to Watch!


These days everyone and their mother is aware of the importance of eating organic, exercise, and the wonders of kale. But what is the point of all these efforts if at the end of the day you slather your body in harmful chemicals? Well it seems that people are finally catching on that green beauty is just as important, and the Indie Beauty Expo is a driving force in helping spread that message. (more…)

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Credo Beauty Makeup Haul and First Impressions!


Living in NYC there are only a few brick and mortar stores that carry green beauty brands, so when I heard that a Credo Beauty had opened in SOHO I was beyond thrilled. Last weekend I finally had the pleasure of visiting. The saleswoman was incredibly helpful in showing me around and introducing me to a few new products. I thought I would share what I purchased and my first impressions of them after a week of trying them out. (more…)

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