Mollie Ableman is a Graphic Designer, living with her husband Vasili and their four legged son Dimitri the Dog in Brooklyn, New York.

After reading No More Dirty Looks in fall of 2012 and learning how unregulated the beauty industry is in the U.S. she has been transitioning to natural, organic, clean, “green”, non toxic (whatever you want to call it) skin care and makeup.

She hopes this blog will:
– Provide information for those who want to make the switch to clean products
– Help prove that non toxic products can be just as effective as mainstream ones
– Encourage mainstream beauty industry step up the quality of their ingredients
– Empowers women to define their own standard of beauty
– Entertain and delight

Read on and enjoy!

Questions? Comments? email me: y e a h s h e s a n a t u r a l @ g m a i l .c o m