Saturday SALES


It’s Saturday and I’m stuck inside due to the Jonas snow storm. What a great opportunity for some online green beauty SALE shopping, amiright? There are a few good ones going on currently, so I thought I’d round them up for you:

The Detox Market
Their winter sale gives you 10% off the entire site with code code: Snowflake

100% Pure
20% off all 5 star reviewed items with the code: 5STAR

Dr. Hauschka on Zulily
Up to 35% off a wide range of Dr. Hauschka products

Let me know in the comments below what goodies you’ll be picking up!

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Why I went green, and you should too!


Why go green? So happy you asked! For me “going green” started like this: As I ran out of each beauty and personal care item I would carefully read reviews online before deciding on a clean non toxic product to replace it. I had never gone through so much work just to pick out deodorant and lipstick! Seems excessive, doesn’t it?

So why go through all that work?


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Green Beauty Starter Kit


Ok so hopefully by now you have a good sense of why using “clean” products is good idea. But you’re probably wondering “well that’s great but what am I supposed to use instead? Rainwater and leaves?” To which I say “No you ninny headed cotton muggin, I have a wonderful Green Beauty Starter Kit to keep you clean and happy” But if you do try rainwater and leaves…will you let me know how that goes? kinda sounds fun…


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