Indie Beauty Expo: 3 Brands to Watch!


These days everyone and their mother is aware of the importance of eating organic, exercise, and the wonders of kale. But what is the point of all these efforts if at the end of the day you slather your body in harmful chemicals? Well it seems that people are finally catching on that green beauty is just as important, and the Indie Beauty Expo is a driving force in helping spread that message. (more…)

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Credo Beauty Makeup Haul and First Impressions!


Living in NYC there are only a few brick and mortar stores that carry green beauty brands, so when I heard that a Credo Beauty had opened in SOHO I was beyond thrilled. Last weekend I finally had the pleasure of visiting. The saleswoman was incredibly helpful in showing me around and introducing me to a few new products. I thought I would share what I purchased and my first impressions of them after a week of trying them out. (more…)

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Earth Day: Shopping for a cause

Hello! It has been quite a while, hasn’t it?

But I’m back and I could not be more excited about this post. It involves Earth Day, shopping AND Holly from The Organic Journey! Best combo EVER. So happy to be back to share this post with you! It’s all about Earth Day … and I’ve teamed up with the amazing Holly from The Organic Journey to share our shopping advice.


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Valentine’s Day 2016!

ah Valentine’s day. Whether you think it’s a stupid made up Hallmark Holiday, or the most romantic day of the year, you can’t deny it’s a great excuse for some green beauty shopping! 
There are SO many sales and gift sets to help you treat yo’ self, mom, bestie, or significant other. And if none of those are tickling your fancy, I put together a very lovely little wish list of my own. (more…)

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January Empties


First month of 2016 has come and gone. And with the end of the month, I met the end of a lot of products too!
Keep reading to see what products I used up, and which I’ll be repurchasing.



Saturday SALES


It’s Saturday and I’m stuck inside due to the Jonas snow storm. What a great opportunity for some online green beauty SALE shopping, amiright? There are a few good ones going on currently, so I thought I’d round them up for you:

The Detox Market
Their winter sale gives you 10% off the entire site with code code: Snowflake

100% Pure
20% off all 5 star reviewed items with the code: 5STAR

Dr. Hauschka on Zulily
Up to 35% off a wide range of Dr. Hauschka products

Let me know in the comments below what goodies you’ll be picking up!

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Why I went green, and you should too!


Why go green? So happy you asked! For me “going green” started like this: As I ran out of each beauty and personal care item I would carefully read reviews online before deciding on a clean non toxic product to replace it. I had never gone through so much work just to pick out deodorant and lipstick! Seems excessive, doesn’t it?

So why go through all that work?


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Green Beauty Starter Kit


Ok so hopefully by now you have a good sense of why using “clean” products is good idea. But you’re probably wondering “well that’s great but what am I supposed to use instead? Rainwater and leaves?” To which I say “No you ninny headed cotton muggin, I have a wonderful Green Beauty Starter Kit to keep you clean and happy” But if you do try rainwater and leaves…will you let me know how that goes? kinda sounds fun…


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Hello World


I’ve always had a love of all things beauty. From the age of 3-15 I studied ballet. Performing in The Nutcracker was incredibly thrilling. One of my favorite parts of the performing was having layers of Kryolan makeup applied to my unadulterated skin, completing my transformation to my given character. As a teen, the only errand I would enthusiastically partake in with my mother was trips to the drug store. I was captivated by the beauty aisles and the hundreds of products in various shades and finishes.

Growing up in the Bay Area also instilled in me a passion for the environment. Elementary school involved lessons on recycling and having a classroom compost bin. (more…)

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